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We’ll Redecorate When They’re Grown, Anyway

I used to have, shall we say, control issues. I think I’ve gotten better.  I mean,  I know I’ve gotten better, though I’m sure you’d have to ask David for validation on that one.  But my poor brain was always anxious: I had expectations of how events and pieces of life should play out, like scenes in a movie someone had written and refused to revise.  I had ideas of how life “should” be, how people should carry themselves, how I was supposed to be.  I had a lot of boxes I kept trying to squeeze myself into, and in doing so, did a sorry job of shoving the people I loved into those same, ridiculously uncomfortable, small spaces. That was a long time ago. I sound like I was just a ball of fun, don’t I? I was upstairs last week, changing Cian’s diaper while the girls played in the living room of our split-level. Easter had just passed, and all of us, except David, had begun fighting the allergies that kick up as soon as the first leaf buds appear on the trees…