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It’s David’s birthday today, which means that he turns the same age I did three and a half years ago.  Sweet kid, my husband. I’ve told him before that I think he was insane for marrying me at the age he did–he was only 23 on our wedding day (I was a couple weeks shy of 27, which seems young to me, too, now that I’m sooo much older and wiser).   A baby, he was.  When I was twenty-three I had absolutely no clue what was going on with my life.  I am hoping he had more of a solid idea at that age than I, since, you know, he was all pledging his eternal love and whatnot.  But he loves me.  That’s pretty cool. David cleans bathrooms on Saturday mornings, and makes sure the stainless steel on the fridge and oven are spotless, a little because he thinks it’s right to share the work, and a lot because he wants his daughters to see that household chores aren’t assigned by gender.  He comes home from work, puts his bag on the ground…