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Wake, feed, sleep. Wake, feed, sleep. Wake, feed, sleep. This is what living with a breastfed newborn is like, if you’re the one in charge of the breastfeeding. Wake, feed, sleep. It reminds me exactly of what it was like to play a game of jump-rope on the playground at recess as a kid. Two friends would stand opposite each other, swinging the rope in a perfect rhythm, while I stood to the side, arms raised, hands timing the beat of the rope against the ground, taking a moment to understand the pace of the game before I jumped in, took my spot, broke through the window. That’s what this is like, these early weeks. Wake, feed, sleep.  I can hear the rhythm in my head as I stumble through the day, though that could just be the sound of my own pulse in my ears because I am so tired. Wake, feed, sleep. Everything must occur in windows. Feed the baby, jump in the shower, feed the baby, get the girls a snack, feed the baby, brush my teeth. And in between, watch to see if he wants to be awake, or wants to…