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Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

Last week we got about five inches of snow, and when my husband asked if I was going out with the kids when they went to play in it I…well, I laughed. Snow is lovely and pretty and peaceful, but only when I’m inside a warm house, with a book in my hand, looking at it. My kids were so disappointed when I didn’t put on thirty different layers and snow pants and impossible-to-tug-on boots after I wrestled them into theirs. On days like that they want me to be outside with them, sledding and building a snowman and having snowball fights and all of that ruddy-cheeked nonsense that people who enjoy frostbite like to do. See, here’s the thing: you have to not mind the cold to enjoy the snow. I don’t like to be cold. I think cold-enjoying is left to people who are either insane, or live in Wisconsin. So: inside I stay, where there are books to read and a fire to sit by and snacks that don’t require thawing out. I will make the requisite hot chocolate when…