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God and Shrimps

Every night at bedtime we say prayers with the girls.  Quinn gets all into it, excited to shout “Amen!” like no one I’ve ever heard in any of the buttoned-down churches I’ve ever attended.  Saoirse rolls her eyes the entire time she’s making the sign of the cross (kind of like her non-Catholic father! Hey-oh!  No, just kidding. Sometimes I think he’s the best Catholic in the house), but goes through the motions because dammit we are raising her right and she WILL do this. No?  That’s not how you ingrain a sense of faith?  Well. We rolled in from the beach at 11:15 Friday night, a day early, because we are crazy fools and wanted to be home to catch Notre Dame’s season opener at 9-are-you-kidding-me-o’clock in the morning.  Oh, and apparently because pregnant ladies can actually hallucinate when they’re sleep-deprived and I wanted to see what that was like (not kidding.  More on that at some point).  We’d eaten dinner in Rehobeth at the most fantastic oyster house…