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And It’s Not Even Lunchtime Yet

The wail erupted like the scream of a firehouse siren.  “Nooo!  No, Mommy, no! I don’t WANT Quinn to play with my toy!  No, Quinn, no!  Nooooo!” Saoirse, I told her, calmly.  Quinn’s playing with the turtle toy right now, and then you can have a turn. And then: “AAAAAAiiiiiiii-eeeeeeeeee!” So into time-out Saoirse went, except this time she was thrashing around like a caught fish on the deck of a boat, which reminded me exactly why we temporarily abandoned the time-out system months ago (yeah, I know consistency is key, but do you have a three-year-old?!).  So I did what the nurse at the pediatrician’s office mentioned once and sat down with her, arms wrapped around her, for the duration of the three minutes.  Oh-so easy, according to the nurse.  “You just have to hold her,” she said. Well.  When your kid is the size of a six-year-old, and has muscles like some sort of ox on steroids, and she’s squirming around in your hold like a cat about to get its claws trimmed, and she&#8217…