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Leah Cooks Chicken Parm Pizza (with Leftovers!)

I really have to put more forethought into the food posts I put here for you. I know this. You don’t deserve a terrible shot of my dinner pizza with the weird tendril of cheese goo on the top of it taken under the golly-awful light of a bunch of LED kitchen bulbs. I know. You just don’t deserve it. And yet, here you go. I’ll work on it. I am trying *desperately* to simplify our dinners around here, because even though I say I love cooking–and I do–there are so many nights where we end up getting take out/stopping by a local restaurant (there’s both a brewery and a Mexican restaurant a mile a way from our house. It’s too convenient, you guys. Too convenient) for dinner simply because we’re overwhelmed/stressed/busy/lazy. I know you know the drill. And I also know that you, too, weep a little bit when you look at your bank statement and realize you could’ve paid for a trip to Cabo with all the money you’ve dropped at El Rodeo…