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Can’t Get that Queen Song Out of My Head

And the second one’s down. On Day 2 of Daughter the Elder’s full-blown cold, Daughter the Younger came down with a fever, congestion, and middle-of-the- night barfing, thereby making me very aware of three realities: 1.  There are very few things that can shake a mother up like witnessing that horrible glassy-eyed stare of a child with a fever.  You know it’s coming–she suddenly has no appetite, she keeps shoving her fist against her mouth, she’s begging for hugs like a child faced with the mall Santa at Christmastime.  But then the fever hits, and the alarm on the thermometer goes off, and you reach for the medication, and your heart is racing.  The.  Pits. 2.   Barfing is gross, especially when your poor child is too young to get to a bucket/toilet/trash can before she barfs, and she’s forced to crawl through it before she starts crying for you.  It’s really gross.  And when the child who just emptied the contents of her stomach all over her face and hands wants to give you grateful kisses, well, what are you…