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A Week and a Half to Go

Note: It’s been less than a week after the horrible event that has shattered not only Newtown, but all of us. I’m not going to use this space right now to post my own reactions, or tell you how I’m feeling, or put my voice out there to join the millions of other shocked, heartbroken voices, simply because I can’t. It’s not my story to tell. Right now I think my role is to pray, to mourn, to make changes where I can–but most of all, to move quietly out of respect for those who were silenced too soon. The reactions will come. The pleas will be voiced, in one way or another. But not now. Just, not now. Life is starting to get just a little intense around here. Also, I now have cankles. Kindly take a moment to enjoy that visual, why don’t you. David keeps telling me that I look like I normally do non-pregnant, just that I swallowed a 40-pound torpedo. He’s kind. He may also be delusional. I started this post about two weeks ago, and just…