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What We Don’t Know

It’s the barely perceptible shushing noise that tips me off. Cian, quietly, slyly, opening the door to his oldest sister’s room–the one she keeps closed to keep her sacred space free of American Girl-mauling dogs and three-year-old little brothers–then slowly, carefully, easing it closed again. I let him go for a few minutes, maybe five, partly because I don’t feel like playing Mean Mom right now, and partly because I’m a terribly nosy person, and curious to see what could be so fascinating in Saoirse’s room that he wanted to sneak in. After a bit, I open the door, look around, and discover him sitting on the other side of the bunk bed, playing with the Shopkins SK keeps there, on an old rolling office bookcase of my mom’s that Saoirse insists on keeping. I don’t know if I say hello or if he just hears me come in, but Cian looks up at me with a smile, then places the toys back on the shelf where he got them. “I putting them back, Mommy,” he says…