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Wherein I Gush All Over the Place

Hi, everybody. Are you still out there? Oh, good. Thanks for sticking with me. As those of you who’ve emailed me in the last, oh, two months,  know, I’ve sort of disappeared from social interaction of the virtual kind. Any spare seconds I’ve had (and the not-so-spare seconds, you know–the ones where I was supposed to be doing the laundry/vacuuming the dog’s bed/remembering how to take shower) have been spent on the computer, but instead of corresponding with actual, real humans, I’ve been revising the imaginary ones in my manuscript. But guess what?! I sent the revisions to Katie last week (Woot! Woot! WHEE!). I am free and clear and gnawing at my fingertips while I wait for her to read ’em and decide that either a) I did a pretty decent job and we’re almost ready for submission, b) it needs more work and I have to pretend I have no family or friends for another month or two, or c) my revisions were so off-base she chucked the whole damn thing out the window of the train on…