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You Know What They Say (A Simple Spring Cake)

I was so, so happy when the email came through Friday to announce that school was closed for the day. It was the first day of spring, and in our part of Pennsylvania, the beautiful, warm weather of the day before had dissolved into…snow. A lot of it, all at once. My Facebook feed lit up with complaints, and a lot of fist-shaking at the sky, and mild cursing about the horrors of snowflakes in the springtime. Now, I despise, despise, despise snow with pretty much every sunshine-and-salt-water-loving cell of my body. But I love me a snow day. I don’t see why the two have to be associated with each other, but like a lot of stuff in life, a cruddy thing (SNOOOOOWWWW) often begets a good thing (no alarms! pajamas! kids building Legos and drawing pictures and making up plays!). Lemons and lemonade, and all. You know. So, I was in this hazy mist of happiness up until maybe 11 o’clock or so, when the oldest child got mad at the middle child for something or other, and the middle child dissolved into very loud, high-pitched…