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Moving On

We were looking at photos of celebrity haircuts. “How about this one?” I asked Saoirse, and pointed to a photo of Julianne Hough in a tousled bob that fell to somewhere between her chin and shoulders. “Nah,” SK replied. “I like this one.” She pointed to a picture of Carey Mulligan, sporting much shorter, sleek hair tucked behind her ears. I swallowed, hard. We were in the waiting area of my hair salon, because my daughter had gotten her hair lopped off against her wishes and told me she didn’t feel beautiful. She had told me she wanted me to look just like her. So I made an appointment, told my hairdresser what was going on, and said goodbye to my ponytail. Saoirse’s expression changed entirely when she saw herself beside me in the mirror. Someone asked me this weekend if I was sad about losing the hair. If I missed it. Nope, I replied, and it was the truth. No, I don’t miss it. It’s just hair. The only thing I really miss is that I actually have to use this machine that’s…