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As Long as The Biting Stops by Then

Quinn has started biting Saoirse.  I know it’s wrong, and I make sure she knows it’s wrong (as much as you can with a someone who’s only been on the planet a year and a half) but it usually happens when Saoirse has tried to take a toy away from her, or bullies her once again, and quite honestly, I kind of can’t blame Quinn.  Between you and me, part of me is like, good for you kid, for sticking up for yourself.  But then I see Saoirse’s genuine surprise, and the tears of pain in her eyes, and the itty-bitty marks in her arm (or shoulder, or thigh–it’s happened three times so far) that look like she got in the way of a baby shark, and then I feel awful. Sisters.  They steal each other’s toys.  They tattle on each other.  They scream in frustration and hip-check each other with such force that I’m thinking ice hockey may be in their future.  They shove each other out of the way for attention from a parent, and weep in despair…