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That Scent on the Wafting Breeze

In three seconds, Quinn started crying–weeping, really–Luca began barking like someone was breaking into our house, I heard a key in the door, and Saoirse was calling, “Mom!  Quinn just barfed!  She’s BARFING!!”  I’d been downstairs cleaning the laundry room. I kinda wanted to stay downstairs in the laundry room, you know. But I ran up those stairs faster than my cat when she does that crazy zoom-zoom around the house in the middle of the night.  And I saw the scene just as David walked in the door, huge smile on his face because he was going to surprise his girls at lunchtime, and saw it too. I give him massive credit for not backing right back out and pretending he never stopped by. Both of the girls are sick. SK’s on antibiotics now, and Quinn is in the throes of something that seems much, much worse. Twenty-four hours ago she seemed fine.  But today she weeps because her eyes are so swollen. She coughs so much that she throws up all over herself.  She won’t eat anything, and is wont to curl…