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The Blur

I’m drowning. I swear I’m trying not to write about it often, partly because I like that you’re reading my blog and don’t want to scare you away, and partly because I don’t want my children to read these posts in twenty years’ time and go, “Man, Mom! You complained a LOT!” But I’m drowning. In kids, I mean. I can’t keep on top of anything. I’m not inviting your children over for a playdate not because I don’t want to hang out–trust me, I WANT to hang out–but because no one would be able to get in the playroom door for all the crap blocking the way, every day, no matter how many times it’s cleaned up. Of course, I guess they could play in the living room. Enough toys have migrated there. Or the bathroom. Or the top of the dining room table. I thought having one child was tough. I was overwhelmed, and panicked, and so so stressed all the time. But maybe that was just the shock of it…