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To be Brave

There’s this food blog I really like called A Full Measure of Happiness. Lauren Zietsman, its writer, is going to think I’m a crazy stalker lady for writing this (hi, Lauren!), but I love it.  Her recipes are fantastic and perfect for everyday cooking (her almond butters? Her Indian samosa casserole?  Hello.),  but even more than that, she’s got a voice that just carries through to her reader.  It’s bright and cheerful, and for that reason alone, I check her site often for updates. One day, to my dismay, a short while back, she mentioned that she was going to back away from posting as frequently.  Basically, she said that life was getting in the way of blogging (or blogging was getting in the way of life?), and she felt guilty for not spending enough time with her priorities–the human kind, I mean (I’m paraphrasing wildly, so if you read this, Lauren, forgive me…).  But as I read through her comments after that post (told you, stalker–Lauren, hi!), what struck me the most was a comment her mother made.  She said to her daughter, and…