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And They Don’t Know the Difference

It was a last-minute decision to go. Saoirse had off school the Friday before Labor Day, and I’d asked Dave if he could maybe take off work. We didn’t take a vacation this year–didn’t even schedule a “staycation”–because we were so hoping we could swing a real one. I knew we wanted to do something together, just us, that day–one last hurrah, sort of, a redemptive hurrah, of sorts, to say, “okay, at least we did our best.” When you buy a new house the same summer your only brother gets married half a country away, “did our best” is the best you can do. And that’s okay. We ended up going to the National Aquarium, in Baltimore. Just for the day. Just us. Jellyfish. Sharks. Fish striped like one of the throw pillows I used to keep on the couch. The kids were mesmerized. I kind of missed that pillow. Saoirse could have watched the dolphins the entire weekend, if we’d have risked the whole getting-arrested-for-trespassing part. We did not buy souvenirs. We…