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She Makes a Good Pointe

On a whim, I took the girls to the ballet on Saturday. Yes, the ballet. I know, it’s not one of our usual lazy Saturday activities, but it happens that one of the best pre-professional dance schools in the country is located smack dab, well, here, and I’d seen advertised a new show they were producing for children. Like many of my good intentions, it got placed on a shelf way in the back of my mind somewhere beside “clean out the coat closet” and “vacuum behind the fridge.” I know David’s not too keen on the whole dance-watching thing, and honestly, most of our Saturday afternoons are spent watching college football. Priorities, you know. As our arts-patronizing luck would have it, Notre Dame wasn’t playing until 7:30 that night. (Yes, we schedule our Saturdays around Notre Dame football in particular, and I should say I’m not proud, but I really am. It’s Notre Dame (of course I’m ignoring their record. I have to). And if sitting in front of the TV for four hours on a fall…