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Yes, I Hear the Jimmy Cliff Song, Too

Something happened when Cian turned five weeks. He started staring at us with wide eyes, analyzing the shape of our hairlines, the shadows of our ears. Then his eyes, travelling over our faces, would unexpectedly meet ours (though they were there, of course, rapt, waiting for him all along), and his head would suddenly rear back, his eyes growing wide, as if thinking, “Oh, hello! Wasn’t expecting to see you there!” And then the smiles started. The SMILES. The gummy, open-mouthed, holy-moley-ain’t-it-great-to-be-alive smiles that transform his whole face and turn us into blubbering globs of cooing nonsense. I don’t want to tell you that David gets most of the smiles. Because, you know, he’s the one up all night, bleary-eyed and barely conscious, changing poopy diapers and breastfeeding until his boobs fall off. Oh, wait. Something else happened at the five-week mark, too. Something remarkable. Something that would have had me turning cartwheels out of our room and into Cian’s, if I actually knew how to turn a cartwheel, which I don’t, which I’ve…