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Because, Expectant Moms, I Know Stuff

I asked Cian’s doctor this week when he’d give me the okay to start weaning him. “You can wean whenever you want,” he said. Not a help, doc. Not a help. I have about a month a half until Cian turns one (?!?!), which means, in the Leah Land of Breastfeeding and All Things Lactation, I have about two months left of nursing.  I’m ready, as much as I say I’m not ready. I mean, of course I’ll miss the quiet moments, and the mommy-and-me time before bed. But once this baby’s old enough to help himself, I’m outta there. Milk cart, empty. Lactation Station, shut down. No more being hot all the time, and chugging bottles of water (ha, ha! You didn’t think I was going to say “water,” did you? Fooled you!), and the constant hunger (all the time, and everything, just gimme the FOOD). Now it’s straight on through to…menopause. Oh, nevermind. Maybe breastfeeding’s not so bad, after all. I was thinking back, though, on all the stuff related to…