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Somebody Remind Me of This When I’m Losing My Mind

I don’t need to tell you what our Saturday nights of yore were like, back when we were young(er) and didn’t have gray streaks running through our hair and would actually be bored on a weekend. You know what they were like, because you lived them at one point, too.  You were out of the house, drinking and eating and seeing neat sights that cost money to access, and you didn’t care if you went to bed late because you could sleep in and whatever, man, just bring me another beer, okay? This Saturday night found us cooking hot dogs (vegetarian for me and the girls, because apparently now that the first trimester is over, unless it’s a McDonald’s cheeseburger, I am a STRICT vegetarian. Strict, I tell you. Except for that chicken I had yesterday, but only because I was famished and had to eat before I started gnawing away at my own arm. I’m so back on the wagon, yessir…except for the cheeseburger I’m suddenly craving because I just wrote the words “McDonald’s cheeseburger” right there. Dagnabit…