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It Ain’t Over Till the T. Rex Sings

The other day Saoirse mentioned that I seemed to be a lot more “organized” this summer. I managed to choke back my laughter–if she ever tells you about that time Mommy sounded like she swallowed a small goat, she means this–and asked her what she meant, exactly. At first she said, “Well, you know: you have everything we’re doing written on the calendar.”The goat kicked around in my esophagus for a bit longer before I could respond to her. See, here’s the thing: if I planned anything this summer, it was the week of–days before, really–it happened.  This summer I think I earned my PhD in pants-seat-flying. But maybe what SK noticed is that I’ve been jotting down what we have done on the whiteboard calendar I keep in the kitchen. (I know, it’s weird, but I liked a record of this abyss other people call “summer break.”).Later, I realized that what she meant by organized was our pattern: we usually spent the morning at home–the kids would play while I got…