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All the Patience in the World

We were driving this evening through a steady rain, with me at the wheel (well, I should hope) and the daughters safely stowed away in their carseats.   As usual, there was a constant stream of chatter coming from Saoirse’s side of the vehicle.   “Mom, what’s that sound out there?” “Oh, those are the wipers, Saoirse, making a sound against the windshield.” “No, not that sound.  What’s that other sound?  Out there?” “Do you mean the splashing sound?” “Yes.  What’s that sound?” “Well, that’s the water splashing up from the road.” “Why?” “Because the tires are moving through the water, making it splash up.” “Why do the tires make it splash up?” “Well, they move the water out of the way as we drive.” “Why?” “Because there’s a lot of rain on the road.” “Why?” “Well, it’s been raining a lot.” “And the rain makes puddles?  And we drive over the puddles?” “Yes, that&#8217…