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Have Fun (Whether You Like It or Not)

Picture this: it’s New Year’s Day. You are successfully not hungover after hosting a combo birthday party (in case you didn’t see me getting all misty-eyed, Cian turned four this weekend. I KNOW.) slash New Year’s Eve shindig at your house that went approximately nine hours long. You’ve spent the morning writing a list of resolutions and goals that might be a bit too ambitious (three pages too ambitious, to tell you the truth). You’ve spent the day¬†teaching your girls how to blow bubbles with gum and hanging out with your son and now, you, my dear friend, have ventured out to a little wilderness trail with your family and dog.* “Let’s go on a fun walk with Riley!” you’d told the family, and you smiled the entire forty minutes it took everyone to find their gloves (or “glubs,” as our favorite four-year-old calls them. I KNOW.). And you do: the sun in shining, and the dog is actually not losing her shit over being someplace new, and everyone’s happily trudging along. Everyone, that…