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Thanks for That, Buddy

Last week, I asked Cian before lunch if he had to use the bathroom. “No,” he said. And since he was wearing pull-ups, and since I’ve lost my go-get-’em-let’s-wear-underpants motivation of potty training, I let it slide. “Are you sure?” I just said. He nodded, and I let it go. I know, lazy. But potty training breaks me down, man. It breaks me down. After lunch, I asked Cian to use the bathroom. He walked in himself this time while I cleared the table, and two seconds later I heard, “Oh, Mom! It’s on the stoooool!” I found him with one leg up in the air, avoiding the wet spot on the seat. His private parts were nowhere near where they were supposed to be, and he’d overshot and made it only halfway into the kid potty’s bowl. The other half had landed–Hallelujah! Praise for small miracles!–in his training pants. Other than that–and this is the absolute, best, it’s-so-worth-it part–he’d been completely…