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And He Says I’m Not Romantic

Some days, some moments, you focus on what’s wrong: all that is wrong, all that is heavy, all that is weighing on you like the proverbial albatross on your neck. You feel slow and sad and overwhelmed and just a little bit more than a little lost. You’ve been under the weather for a while now–a year and a half of cruddy health catching up with you–and you’re tired. You’re tired of being tired. You’re tired of the shadows blurring your vision. You already have really bad eyesight, you know. You wish the shadows, these dark spots, would just move out of the way. As if it were that easy, of course. You walk outside to water the plants–mums you just got for the front porch, because September is Mum Time, whether the thermometer reads 92 degrees or not–and you see your children. They’re laughing. Riding their toys while holding hands. Your son, so excited to own a BB-8 bike helmet, wears it with the packaging still on (you’re really bad about remembering to take the tags…