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Coloring, Kids, and a Bite of Humble Pie

Listen. I wasn’t going to tell you that I bought into the adult coloring book trend. I know, I know. Even though there are studies and testimonies and all sorts of people saying “They’re so awesome! They, like, totally calm me down!” I didn’t want to admit to it, too. I don’t know why. It’s…embarrassing? I AM A BUSY WOMAN, I say. I am so STRESSED, I vent. Oh my goodness, it’s all just so very HARD, I wail. So I’m certainly not going to sit here and tell you that sometimes–jus sometimes–when I’m having trouble figuring something out, or puzzling through writer’s block, or feel like the whole world is falling around my shoulders…I color. And yet I just did. Damn it. Here’s the deal. I’m just like you–the mom who would sit down with her kids when they pulled out their coloring books and join them, not just because it was yay bonding time, but because, selfishly, it was fun to have an excuse…