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Of Course There’s Rum in There

How are you doing, you guys? Are you hanging in there? I’m sitting in the waiting room of my daughters’ gymnastics class right now, trying to get the last words of Book #2’s first draft on paper (one week behind schedule. TURBO WRITING: ENGAGE), and my head is just a muted mess of worries and to-dos and plain ol’ tired. I’ve one son who still doesn’t sleep, and one daughter who’s been struggling with nighttime anxiety and nightmares since September. We’ve gymnastics and basketball and Christmas children’s choir and parties I haven’t rsvp’d to because I can’t figure out how exactly I’m going to squeeze them in. The American Girl doll beds we ordered for the girls arrived smelling like mildew, and I kind of just don’t feel like going through the trouble of sending them back, so Merry Christmas, kids, we’ve skipped coal and gone straight to mold! Respiratory distress, ahoy! We threw a surprise dinner for my mom’s birthday last Saturday that went off almost perfectly. Almost. Because whenever you…