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Because We Love Those Yellow Hats

My brother went to law school at the University of Notre Dame (which would sound impressive, except I know about the beer pong), having turned down a full ride offered by another institution to attend his dream school (he’d tell you this himself if he weren’t busy eating his monthly student loan statements right now, or cursing me for telling you about them).  I tell you this because I went to grad school at Notre Dame, too.  Just not that Notre Dame. I went to the one in Maryland, the one called Notre Dame of Maryland University (what do you mean, you’ve never heard of it?), which did, in fact, give me the most absolute greatest education for which I could have hoped/paid/cried angry bitter tears because I was still working full-time during my studies, but you try telling that to people who give you the blank stare when you tell them “Notre Dame, but not Notre Dame” and make you so flustered you just end up muttering “Go Irish!” and walking away frustrated. But back to my story, which is clearly getting more unraveled by the…