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Daily Archives: September 2, 2020

Any Excuse for Cake, I Tell You: It’s the Anniversary of ALL THE DIFFERENCE

Hi! Hi! Hi! It’s the fifth anniversary of the day my debut novel was published (yes this has been a long time no you don’t have to ask me when another one is coming out I AM TRYING). All the Difference had its book birthday on this very day in 2015 and while many, many things have changed since then in both my life and yours and the world’s (OH MY GOSH THE WORLD’S), the one thing that hasn’t changed is this: Books are fun. Drafting books is not always as much fun, nor is getting them published consistently a treat, but this–the writing and the reading and the holding a book in our papercut-riddled fingers, whether it’s our own book or someone else’s book, is one of the best feelings in the whole wide world. Saoirse asked me the other day why, whenever we go to the beach on a family vacation, I don’t go swimming in the ocean as much as I like to sit in a comfy chair next to the ocean. I blinked at her, not sure…