Those Endorphins are Working

In the past 24 hours, the following has occurred:

a) my (revised! revised! revised!) novel went back out on submission, which means that at this very second it’s being considered by editors at a bunch of publishing houses. And I have discovered that it is still relatively easy to go about one’s day with one’s heart lodged in her throat.

b) David and I sorted out all the sticky points that have been complicating our house deal, and are now officially All Systems Go on the new house purchase. We settle in three weeks. I should probably start packing.

c) My future sister-in-law (have I mentioned that my brother is getting married? MY LITTLE BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED!) sent me the most beautiful flowers yesterday, instantly making her the most favorite future sister-in-law I’ve ever had.

c) I changed all the bedsheets AND washed them AND folded them. I know, I know. Big news!

So, you know: the sun is shining, I saw a robin hopping around a yard in town, and I was able to get to the gym and run for my health for once, rather than because it’s bath time and my youngest child thinks it’s hysterical to zip along the floor on his hands and knees, wearing nothing but a diaper and dried tomato sauce. My brother is getting married and Dave and I are buying a house and I’m a writer one step closer to the dream of being an author.

It’s a good day.

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