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Daily Archives: May 10, 2013

But It’s So Pretty

I sat cross-legged in the girls’ playroom this afternoon. We played catch with mini beach balls leftover from Cian’s baptism party (everyone has inflatable beach balls at their christenings, don’t they?). I watched Quinn turn somersaults around the room like a ball on a billiard table. I pretended to eat plastic toys shaped like food and laughed along with my giggling little girls. Inside, I tried not to be sad that they could be made so happy from ten lousy minutes of interaction with me. Alas. I am a mom. And because I’m a mom, the guilt is always there, tugging at the corners of even my best intentions. This morning, I shared a snack with Quinn in a Target Starbucks while I nursed Cian (such an awesome pastime when you know pretty much everybody in your community, or at least those who would be at Target at 9:30 in the morning watching you try to breastfeed a writhing baby under a suddenly napkin-sized nursing cover). I took her to the park to play before Saoirse’s preschool pick-up. We went to a farm market and ate a…