Showing Beyonce a Thing or Two

We hold impromptu dance parties in our house.  Is that weird?  We keep ’em small–usually around two to four people at these things, but they happen a lot.  In the middle of changing a radio station, or dinner, or bathtime…What usually happens is that someone starts breakin’ it down, then someone else comes along with a hand outstretched in request to join in, and before you know it, everybody’s just boogying.  One of SK’s favorite new things to say is, “Look at me, Mom! Watch my new move!”

I’d be embarrassed, probably, if this were 10 years ago, but if you came over now and a good song came on and a small child started dancing, I’ll  be right there with her.  You would, too, I imagine.  It’s infectious.  That and it’s amazing how many insecurities and potential situations for embarrassment vanish when you have kids.  Because they see straight through the muck to the fun stuff, so why shouldn’t we?

Oh, and have I mentioned that Quinn started officially walking?  After almost 18 months of prep work, she went from zero to 60 in a matter of days.  She jumps, tries to run, she spins in circles.  And of course, she dances.  It’s just what we do.


  1. ifiwerebraveblog | 27th Nov 11

    We dance in the kitchen, too. My little one always wants us to conga line around the house. It’s great.

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