In the Spirit of Things

Our township holds Trick-or-Treat Night always on a Thursday, no matter on what day Halloween actually falls.  Yeah, I don’t understand either.

That night, David took our eldest daughter out into the wind and rain and cold to greet the neighbors while I stayed home with a ladybug with a runny nose.  SK was giddy to wear her purple princess dress, complete with random sparkly butterfly wings (I know, I know.  David wanted her to be Buzz Lightyear.  I was hoping for maybe a cute bumble bee costume, but alas, she asked for a wand.  A wand and a crown, to be exact.  Damn you, preschool, and your dress-up corner.)

They returned home about an hour and a half later, flushed, excited.  SK was anxious to delve into her treats, and I was curious to hear about everything we missed.

Me:  “So, Saoirse Kate, did you tell a lot of people what kind of princess you were?”

SK:  “No.  I just wanted to get to the candy.”

Happy Halloween, everybody.

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