A Day in the Life

Saoirse has come down with a cold, thereby heralding in the beginning of the Preschool Plague that will probably persist until, oh, May.   I had, of course, 30 billion errands (does that sound like a lot to fit in between the hours of 9 and 12?) to run, and had a whole list of go-go-go planned, until Saoirse walked into our room this morning, shuffled up to the bed and said, “Mom? I’m not feeling so well.”   That sound you hear is the imaginary brakes squealing on my day.

So the poor child curled up on the couch this morning, with lemonade and chocolate chip Annie’s bunnies, watching Toy Story, and Clifford and Sid the Science Kid–basically, more TV than she watches in a month.  Poor, poor sheltered child.   “I just need to rest,” she told me.  “I’ll feel better tomorrow,” she said, so stuffed up she sounded like she’d been buried under the sofa pillows.

She popped the DVD in the player, and when she saw the castle appear on the Disney logo, she asked me what it was (told you.  Sheltered.).  I told her it was the princess castle at Disney World.  “Let’s go there sometime,” she said.  “Can we? ”  Of course, I replied.  She sat back, satisfied.  “Okay.  Let’s park on the grass.”

The morning passed, with tissues and reminders to cover your mouth please when you cough and Quinn, who spent a solid fifteen minutes standing directly in front of the TV, obsessed with the Slinky dog and dinosaur–“Luca!!”–whenever they tumbled across the screen, which was before she discovered my empty coffee mug and entertained herself for another half hour pretending to drink out of it like I do.

My life.  So fascinating I just fell asleep.

And then the morning ended with Saoirse’s sweet father (my husband, of course.  We all got lucky in that deal) stopping by the house with some hugs and chicken noodle soup.   SK sniffled and snuffed her way through two spoonfulls and a couple of crackers before asking if it was naptime yet, because she’d like to go to bed and rest.  “Mom, can we read a book?” she asked.  “Just one, though, ’cause I’m sick.”

I love this kid.

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