A Conversation, Bedtime 2

Saoirse was all tucked into bed, the room dark and quiet.  She’d asked me to come back in for another hug.

“Mom, I try not to misbehave.”

“I know, sweetie.  I can see that you’re trying.  It’s hard.”

“I try to stop, but I can’t.  How do I stop, Mom?”

She was holding my hands with both of hers.

“Well, honey, I think maybe sometimes you should try to just take a deep breath and be still for a moment.  That might help you calm down.”

“It’s hard.  I don’t want to misbehave…I know.  When I do, I should have a glass of milk, or water.  That will help me.”

“Okay, that sounds good.  Should we do that, then?  Next time, stop to get a glass of milk?”

“No.  I won’t misbehave anymore.”

She kissed me, the dropped my hands to roll over, pulling her covers up to her chin, cuddling Blanket.

“Mom?  I love you.”

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