Day Trip

I call her my sea turtle.  As soon as she touched the sand today, she was off, scuttling in the direction of the lake on her hands and knees, her little feet leaving tracks that trailed down to the water’s edge.  I wish I could’ve grabbed a picture of her in motion, but she was too quick for me, too busy giggling, scurrying into the water, squealing as the gentle waves lifted her legs into weightlessness.  She kept moving forward, into deeper water, not caring that she couldn’t swim, that those depths could be dangerous, that she was just a small little creature in that big, big expanse.

I was so surprised.  She grinned at me, then laughed with a whole body wiggle, splashing droplets that fell all around her, dazzling in that bright sunlight.  Then she was off again, bustling away to discover whatever was next.

Keep it coming, kid, I thought.  This is only the beginning.

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